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AstroInquiryFrederick doesn’t offer quick, digestible thumbnails when interpreting your horoscope, so be prepared to invest some time in your process with him. It’s worth it. I recommend his ’4 sessions series work’ to benefit from his approach to astrology and dream work. It will surprise you. As a triple Scorpio I’m not easily understood by others, but Frederick was able to ‘get’ me right away. He offered solid support and an active, creative dialogue from which I discovered my ‘true north’. From there it was easy to see any obstacles and the best way to overcome them. If you are interested in going deep, wide and far into the inner workings of your psyche I highly recommend working with Frederick.

MotherSkyJessica’s topical blogs and monthly Skywatch address the world we live in today. Her work with clients is from a psycho-spiritual perspective, which presumes the meaningfulness of each of us having incarnated into this particular era; from which perspective we may live through the center of our charts.

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