“As above, so below”

                                            – Hermes Trismegistus


What is the energy that is animating through us while we are here on Earth School?

How do we cultivate it, maintain it, refine it, lift it, increase its potency, bleed it off, store it, share it, exchange it?

Perhaps most importantly, what do we do with it?

This last question has so many schools of thought shouting that only they know the answer.  And they do– for them and only them.  Everyone who is here is here for the experience and that experience is tailor made for each and every individual, so one size does not fit all.

Energy is what allows us to participate more or less in the experience.

One of the first books I read in my path was “Hands of Light” by Barbara Ann Brennan (check the Books section to the left to find it, I cannot recommend Hands of Light enough).  At the beginning of Chapter 8 “Human Growth And Development In The Aura” Barbara writes,

“The process of incarnation takes a lifetime.  It is not something that happens at birth and is then finished.  To describe it, we need to use metaphysical terms.  Incarnation is organic soul movement in which higher, finer vibrations or soul aspects are continually radiated downward through the finer auric bodies into the more dense ones and then finally into the physical body.  These successive energies are utilized by the individual in her growth throughout her life…As growth takes place, the individual opens her ability to sustain higher levels of vibrations/energies/consciousness coming into and through her vehicles…”

I think the relationship between the subtle and the dense is worth exploration through whatever modality that resonates in whatever tradition that speaks to you, secular or religious.  Within that entire spectrum, energetic wellness is at its peak when there is flow and at its low point when there is stagnation.

Quite often I have seen stuck physical energy unwind and find its flow again when it is addressed through the subtlest of techniques.  Equally, I have seen the finer energies of thought radically shift through the dense experience of a fiery boxing workout.  In a rapidly emerging digital world the ability to flow in an analog way between the subtle and the dense cannot be undervalued.

Whatever gets your energy moving and flowing is the answer.  And the key to opening up the 10,000 things.  Since we are unique individuals experimentation is the way.

Meditation, bio-physics, craniosacral work, Polarity therapy, essential oils, a deeper understanding of cosmology, astrology, athletics and intuition resonate for me.


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