Cranio Sacral

“Craniosacral work is the Rolls Royce of bodywork.”

                                            – John Beaulieu, ND, Ph.D.


CranioSacral work is a therapeutic modality that involves very subtle and light touch (like a water bug alighting on a pond) to help facilitate the body to auto correct itself.  Cranial Osteopathy, developed by Dr. William Sutherland in the early 1900s, held that the suture points in the cranial bones allowed for those bone to move naturally and shift slightly.  Dr. Sutherland found that direct and deep manipulations of the cranial bones along the suture lines often produced profound results for his patients.

In contrast, CranioSacral work focuses in on cranial rhythms and the cerebral spinal fluid surrounding the brain and spinal cord.  The cranial rhythm produces cerebrospinal fluid in ventricles of the brain and the fluid pulses in very subtle tides throughout a closed membrane system along the spinal cord to the sacrum.  Blockages in those tides can have profound ramifications in how a person operates in the world (physically, emotionally, and psychologically).  Indeed the cranial rhythmic impulse is the initiating impulse and some would say animating impulse, and if that is stymied on some level by a physical trauma, emotional trauma or whatever other trauma that could impact the connective tissue and its cells (by either being devitalized or overcharged), then of course that primary impulse will not find its truest resonance.

A good practitioner can use both the natural ability of the cranial bones to move along with their own highly sensitive palpation skills and the fluidic nature of the body to assist in unwinding blockages to restore flow and movement to the overall system.

This is subtle stuff that translates into absolutely profound shifts.

Aside from the various books recommended in this section I wholeheartedly suggest checking out the craniosacral program at Polarity Healing Arts of California.

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