Energy Work

“Perhaps love is the process of my leading you gently back to yourself.”

                                                                          – Antoine de Saint-Exupery

The purpose of my sessions are to assist in bringing my clients into a deeper and truer sense of integrity within their own body, mind, and soul so that they may experience greater synchronicity with all that is around them.

My current working philosophy is that we are in a constant state of divine dialogue with the Universe (God, Higher Power, Infinite Spirit) in an ultimate direction towards our evolution or Self-realization. I am of the belief that in order to better participate in this co-creation we need a sense of openness and receptivity as well as a sense of courageousness and will to act on what inspires us.

The key is flow. When we are in a state of flow then there is possibility. Our bodies (on a cellular as well as tissue level), our minds (attitudes and belief systems), and our lives (in general) feel dynamic, potent and energized with possibility. In that possibility lies limitlessness which is Divine. When we are blocked on any level– be it physical, emotional, psychological, or spiritual, then there is a quality of being stuck and holding on, a sense of heaviness and futility.

Drawing from the tenets of Polarity  and CranioSacral work, I am of the belief that movement is health and health is movement. My work is to assist in removing any blockages or impediments in the system (physical or otherwise) that stand in the way of my client’s fully potentized and naturally energetic state of being.

My vision is to facilitate a Divine Reunion between the self and the Self.

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Client Feedback
The following quotes are feedback, used by permission, from clients.

“John creates a safe and comfortable environment from the get go, but nothing could have prepared me for the power of his work. I felt enormous shifts from the very first session. I would equate my sessions with him to a massive cleanup of a cluttered house. I feel much lighter, physically, mentally and spiritually. John has cleared space within me for new decisions, healthier habits and forward momentum. I have such gratitude towards John for sharing his extraordinary gifts with me and have not hesitated to recommend him to family and friends, all of whom have had similarly powerful experiences.”

—  Lewis Payton

“I’m so glad I got the chance to check out your healing ways!   Wow!   That was really intense. I didn’t know what to expect, I didn’t think the emotional depths would be plumbed like that! I’ve felt a lot lighter since then.  Also I didn’t realize what the physical response of my body would be.  Intense, I love the experience of feeling new sensations inside the old body.  My whole spine and neck especially felt great afterward.  Yay!  I was smiling like an insane person the rest of the day.”

—  Geri N.

“Our work together helped me to get closer my truer essence.  It was as if you peeled away a clouded layer mucking up my energy and aura.  Thank you.”

—  Martha Ryan

“John is the person I see when I question my faith in my path; he helps me to trust in the clarity of my intuition.  I leave with my energy aligned and grounded; feeling simply Love.”

—  Tony M.


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