Aroma Yoga

AYCOVERThis guidebook is inspirational, easy to follow and fun.  Diffused oils classes are the next growth edge in Yoga as they go to the very core definition of Yoga:  Union.  Therapeutic grade essential oils naturally bring the body into homeostasis which can bring about a sense of balance translating into reunion with your original self.  Bypass your see through Yoga pants and get your Peace and Calming on for your down dog with the Aroma Yoga guide…you won’t be disappointed.  Click here to find Aroma Yoga classes as well.

Aroma Yoga® How to Use Essential Oils in Your Yoga Practice by Tracy Griffiths and Ashley Turner is a resource to help balance, soothe, restore and invigorate the body, mind and spirit. The 101 page, spiral-bound book includes beginner through advanced yoga sequences, polarity exercises, meditations and essential oils for each of the seven major chakras and the five elements. There is also an essential oils safety and precautions guide and a guide to assessing your chakras, recognizing over-active, under-active and balanced tendencies.

Includes three yoga class sequences and teaching scripts for Detoxification, Activation and Restorative Aroma Yoga® classes that you will love!

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Tracy Griffiths, RPP, CMT, co-founder of the Life Energy Institute, is a senior teacher and practitioner of the energetic healing arts specializing in Aromatherapy, Polarity + Cranial Sacral Therapy.

Tracy is an expert leader in the integration of essential oils into mainstream medicine and the yoga community. As the essential oils instructor for the Urban Zen Integrative Therapy Program, Tracy teaches at Ronald Regan UCLA Medical and other medical facilities, sharing the powerful benefits of essential oils for patient and self-care.

Elevating personal growth as a lifestyle, Ashley Turner, MA, MFTI is considered an innovator on the leading edge of the yoga industry – combining the best of eastern spirituality and western medicine. A yoga instructor, mind-body psychotherapy intern, author and Ordained Priestess, her best-selling DVD’s include: Power YogaYoga for Weightloss, Yoga Bootcamp and Yoga for Stress Relief + Flexibility.  

She creates free weekly training videos and is regularly featured in top-tier media such as Martha Stewart Radio, Shape, Prevention, Self, Natural Health, Yoga Journal, Fitness and Origin Magazine. Ashley leads transformative events to power points around the globe and works with therapy clients via SKYPE.


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