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EDR Convention Edition-228x228GET THIS ONE FOR SURE!  By a country mile this book is the most useful reference book out there on essential oils.   If you read the first 3 chapters you will probably understand more about how essential oils work than 90% of the general public. It describes Young Living’s Single Oils as well as Blends in great depth (chemical constituencies, relevant research, how to use) and the section on Personal Usage is unparalleled– you can look up almost any issue and there will be information about it and suggested oils to try.  THIS IS THE BOOK.  I have one for home and I keep the pocket reference version (pictured below) in the car.


Pocket EDR


Pocket Reference version– for the road trip!








Great book for a great technique.  Very easy to digest.  28-pages, full color edition includes 36 photographs, several updates made by Gary, and new, before-and-after, live blood analysis showing the beneficial impact of Raindrop Technique.





Healing Oils of Bible

There is a chapter in this book called “How and Why Oils Can Heal” that covers Phenylpropanoids, Monoterpenes and Sesquiterpenes that makes the whole book worth purchasing– it will turn the lights on in a major way.  The book documents more than 500 scriptural references to thirty-three essential oils, their uses, and the plants from which they were derived in Biblical times. Dr. Stewart, a former United Methodist pastor and university professor, also presents the scientific basis for anointing with oil as a healing method taught by Jesus to his disciples and practiced by early Christians.



LSP photo

All of the books above come from Life Science Publishing.  They stock dozens of different books in many different languages on essential oils.  They have digital copies of many titles as well.



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Cooking With Whole Foods and Essential Oils    Essential Toolbox for Balanced Children


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