Essential Oils Research

Though essential oils have been used for thousands of years for just about every health challenge we may face, clinical science of aromatherapy is relatively new.

I will regularly post supporting links to clinical trials, essential oil research and news updates about where and how essential oils are being used in mainstream and natural medicine.

University of Maryland Medical Center: Lavender Study

Essential Oils for Management of Symptoms for Critically Ill Patients 
By Margo A. Halm, RN, PhD, CNS-BC, CCRN
Margo A. Halm is a clinical nurse specialist and director of nursing research and quality at United Hospital in St. Paul, Minnesota, where she leads and mentors staff in principles of clinical research and evidence-based practice.

Nursing without and with essential oils: a controlled study of patients in an acute rheumatologic department. 
[Article in German]
 Christen L, Christen S, Waldmeier V, Osterlund S, Morgenthaler U, Scheidegger J, Oehninger R.
Source: Arbeitsgemeinschaft Sozialwissenschaft Gesundheitsforschung Informatik, ASGI, Kleindorfstr. 12 G, CH-8707 Uetikon am See.

Vanderbilt Emergency Room uses Essential Oils:

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